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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all your cases come with a mirrored back?

Mirror backs are standard on all standard diecast wall mounted display cases. You do have the option of a clear back if you choose, for the same price. All our single diecast display cases come standard with a reflective mirror back. Other collectible cases may vary in design and materials and will be advertised in the actual product description.

Do your cases come with free mounting hardware?

Yes. All of our cases come ready to wall mount and include free hardware and easy to follow instructions. The hardware pack consists of (2 or 4 each) hollow wall anchors, #10 screws and colored caps that hide the head of the screw. Also, the backs of the display cases are pre-drilled for your convenience.

Is there a door on your display cases which will make them dust proof?

All of our cases have clear acrylic doors which were designed to protect the contents from dust. They are considered dust resistant. If they were totally dust proof there would be no air exchange and eventually the gases which are given off from the paints and other materials would attack the collectible.

How do the doors open?

We have two basic door designs. The smaller cases are hinged at the sides where-as the larger cases are hinged at the top and bottom. There are normally (4) four clear acrylic hinges on every case. Two of the hinges have a partially removed pin which must be totally removed to allow the door to open. The pins should be reinserted to hold the door closed. The side hinged cases can be arranged so that they open from left-to-right or right-to-left depending on how you choose to mount it to the wall. The same goes with the top & bottom hinged cases. The door will either lift up or drop down. It all depends on how you choose to hang the case on the wall.

What is the best way to clean the outside of the display case? Can I use regular window cleaner?

Never use window cleaner or any other cleaner containing ammonia or solvent because it will damage the plastic. Do not use paper towels or a dry cloth. If you wish, you can use a mild dish soap in water with a soft cloth. To clean your display case use a clean, slightly damp sponge to lightly brush off any dust or dirt. Then you can polish your display case with any anti-static plastic cleaner. Brillianize Plastic Cleaner is a one step anti-static cleaner and polish for plastic. This product will provide a clean, shiny surface that is scratch resistant and repels dust. For more information or to place an order call our customer service line for assistance @ 888-742-5567.

Do you make the display cases right there?

Yes. Every one is hand made right here in our plant in Binghamton, NY.

Do a lot of your display cases get broken in shipping?

Very few cases are damaged in shipping. Our display cases are packaged using foam corner cushions which we make ourselves. Then they are hand packed in custom made heavy duty single or double walled 275 pound test corrugated cardboard cartons

What do I do if I get a display case that is broken?

Please inspect your purchase as soon as it arrives. A damage must be reported to us within 10 days. If you should happen to receive a shipment that is damaged, just let us know and we will send a replacement. We will file a damage claim with UPS and then advise you as to the course of action. You must keep the unit and all the original packaging for UPS to review.

Hanging your wall mounted Display Case

Remove the door completely from the case by removing all of the hinge pins. This will make the display case much easier to handle. All hinge pins come with one end of the pin that has ribs. Take a pen or small nail and push against the pin on the opposite side of the ribs. This will loosen the pins so they can be completely removed from the hinge.